Bringing Sex Toys Into The Bedroom

Bringing Sex Toys Into The Bedroom

Bringing toys into the bedroom with your partner can be an entirely new adventure, but it can also be a bit hard to bring up with them at first. There is a large stigma around using toys when you have a partner, many believing that if you are in a relationship there is no need for toys or you are unsatisfied with the pleasure you are receiving.

That is simply far from true! Toys are not a replacement, they are an enhancer that can be a beautiful way to achieve a deeper connection with your partner and new sensations you had not otherwise enjoyed. They also help you better understand your body and the pleasure you can achieve.

But how do you start the conversation and what are the benefits of bringing toys into the bedroom? Once you educate yourself further it can be quite easy to integrate sex toys and their amazing benefits for both yourself, and your partner! 

Starting the Conversation

The most important part of introducing toys into the bedroom with your partner is the conversation. Ensure that you are prepared for any level of insecurities around toys to arise. They may believe you are saying you are not satisfied, or intimidated, or entirely against the idea at first.

Make sure that you bring it up in a comfortable setting for both of you. Be sure to assure them that this is not about their performance in the bedroom and instead about bringing in some additional sensations that you both may truly enjoy. Listen to their reasoning and be understanding - there is a lot of stigma around bringing toys into the bedroom and it may take some conversation to break some of those down and come up with an answer that is right for you both. Do not get defensive or upset over the initial discussion - simply bringing up your interests and needs can be an excellent start when it comes to opening the door and welcoming sex toys into the bedroom!

Start Small

Start with something that you both can enjoy that isn’t a toy such as a new lubrication with warming or cooling properties - or new massage oils. These are not intimidating and an easy way to bring in a new sensation without having something that penetrates or vibrates! They are also considered a bit more ‘mainstream’ and have far less stigmas surrounding them.

This can be an easy way to warm up to bringing in a new toy if there’s a lot of hesitation between you both. It shows that new sensations can be brought into the relationship and not replace any of the connections the two of you have together or change the pleasure that you both have found together.

Benefits of Bringing In Sex Toys

When you’re having the conversation with your partner and are ready to explore with sex toys it’s important to understand the benefits they can bring you both. It’s more than just pleasure, using toys can also be utilized to achieve a better connection with your partner.

Inability to Orgasm or Difficulty Orgasming

In some cases it’s impossible for a partner to orgasm or achieve pleasure without deep, rumbly vibration. Whether this is due to medication, aging, or otherwise - there are a great many reasons as to why some vibration can go a long way and assist with an orgasm. Acknowledge that it’s okay if you are someone who needs that extra stimulation. That’s why sex toys were made! If you are one of these people, bringing in a vibrating toy can help you achieve that orgasm with your partner where it may have been impossible to do so before.

A Fuller Experience

There may be a situation in which you don’t feel like penetration is as fulfilling or it’s not a tight enough experience for both partners. In this situation it’s important to know there is a product that does assist. The MateFix is meant to easily hold within the vagina and accommodate the penis, providing a thicker internal experience and a tighter overall grip for both partners. Beyond that, it does vibrate as well - a sensation that both partners can feel with ease and enjoy as they are having sex or during solo play. This is a toy that can also be used with other toys during penetration or solo play for either partner depending on the preference. 

There is no reason to accept an experience where you don’t feel like you are achieving the pleasure you’d like! Toys are here to work with you and your partner to get that experience back or take the existing pleasure to an entirely new level. In the end, it’s about the combined sensations and joy of both parties and not limiting that. 

Finding Your Voice

When we use sex toys separately or with a partner it allows us to potentially explore new sensations we otherwise may not have been able to feel. When we do this it can help us find new feelings that we really like or want to integrate into the bedroom with our partners. 

Discovering these new pleasures will also help us advocate more for ourselves and our needs. If we have a better grasp on what we like and can better voice these needs to our partners in the bedroom so they can best be integrated for our pleasure! When we advocate for our own pleasure it’s an incredibly powerful experience. 

Happiness and Sleep Assistance  

On top of being able to achieve your wanted pleasure and new sensations, having orgasms releases oxytocin and serotonin, promoting the happiness hormones and also relaxing your body and your partner’s body for better sleep and stress relief!

If you are not used to orgasming every time, using a toy in the bedroom can ensure this outcome and better prepare your body for that relaxation and happiness with your partner and with yourself.

In the end it’s important to advocate for your pleasure and to understand that bringing toys into the bedroom is not a bad thing or a sign that you are not fulfilled. There are toys like the MateFix that are here to assist with fantastic couples play in the bedroom and amplifying sensations you already enjoy together!

So grab a toy and start the conversation!  

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