How to Have A Tighter Penetration Experience During Solo and Partnered Play

How to Have A Tighter Penetration Experience During Solo and Partnered Play

There are a great many reasons as to why you may desire a tighter penetration experience during your solo or partnered play, and even more reasons as to why you may feel your experience has been altered over time. Our bodies are constantly changing and life experiences play a big part in that. 

Whether it’s medication based, age, elasticity after childbirth, or a variety of other challenges - our pleasure is still our right. Just as our bodies change, so must our techniques and styles to accommodate them. A tighter or ‘filling’ sensation for partners can lead to a heightened pleasure experience and when that goes away it can leave us feeling discouraged and unfulfilled in our sex lives. 

Whatever the reason - there are ways to assist with a tighter penetration experience during both solo and partnered play no matter what stage of the experience you may be in. 

It’s important to also understand that there is no such thing as a permanently ‘loose’ vagina. The vagina is elastic and meant to stretch, but after childbirth and aging it can lose some of that elasticity. There are ways to get this back! It’s a myth that frequency of sex permanently alters the vagina and even if you favor larger toys it’s quite easy to obtain that elasticity once more. 

Reasons You May Be Experiencing Challenges

In order to fully understand the benefit of using toys for a tighter penetration experience, it helps to first understand some of the challenges we face and why you may be experiencing a lack of pleasure. 

Weakening of Pelvic Floor Muscles

When pelvic floor muscles lose their strength it can lead to a loss of elasticity. This can result in a lessened sexual experience for the one penetrating as well as the one being penetrated. This can also lead to prolapsing and a lack of urinary control. This can happen after childbirth, if you are a smoker, or a variety of other reasons.

It’s important to consult your doctor if you are concerned over this change and to also start kegel exercises. Kegel exercises can be done with the assistance of a toy, or without one. The same muscles that would be utilized to stop the flow of urine are the ones you would use to tighten and loosen routinely to work out these pelvic floor muscles. 

Aging and Childbirth

During aging, there is a loss of estrogen which can result in a change internally for your vagina. Your vaginal tissue will become thinner, drier, and less flexible. During childbirth, your vaginal muscles stretch and also cause an internal change. If you are uncomfortable with these changes or find a lessened sexual experience, you are not alone and that’s where kegel exercises, speaking with your medical team, and toys can help! 

There are some cases where surgery is necessary to ensure your body is healing the way it needs to, especially in the case of prolapsing (which can happen after childbirth and statistically affects 30-40% of women to some degree). 

Bring In The Toys! 

If penetration does not cause you pain or discomfort, there are toys that can be used to create a tighter penetration experience while you are utilizing your kegel exercises. Your pleasure is your right, and settling for a less than pleasant experience in the bedroom or during your solo play is not something you have to do. Take your pleasure into your own hands and delight in the results as the pleasure you knew and loved is returned to both yourself, and your partnered play. 

Introducing: The MateFix

The revolutionary MateFix toy is made from body safe silicone, is water resistant, remote controlled and rechargeable. It has been specifically designed to fit snugly within your vagina and the unique shape allows for a penis to penetrate with ease, fitting against the toy to provide an incredibly filling experience. 

During this penetration, it provides the wearer with the feeling of immense fullness and the penetrator with a tighter experience. 

The MateFix also provides variable vibrations in 3 erotic zones; clitoral, G-Spot and far deeper inside the vagina. The specifically shaped smaller bullet can be placed in the clitoral area or in reverse for anal pleasure. 

The MateFix doesn’t always have to be for partnered play, it can also be utilized with your favorite penetration toy during solo play for that fuller, deeper experience. When matched with pelvic floor exercises, the MateFix allows you to claim that pleasure immediately instead of waiting months or giving up on having the experience you enjoyed in the past.

We Strive To Give You Your Pleasure Back

The team at Perfect Dimensions understands that the pleasure experience changes over time and with a great many life alterations. But it’s important to understand that you can take this into your own hands and there are ways to assist when you are experiencing this. 

Again, whether it’s for your partnered play or solo play, the MateFix is here to assist in returning those sensations you may feel like you are missing. Both partners will feel a significant difference and the pleasure is unparalleled! 

Beyond the MateFix

We are consciously working on creating new and innovative products that are meant to hold your hand through these experiences, give you immense pleasure, and light that fire back in the bedroom and your masturbation play. The MateFix is only the beginning! We have new products that will be released soon with your continued pleasure in mind. 

In the end, it’s important to be patient with yourself, compassionate with your body during these changes, and to understand there are ways to assist without having to give up the sex and masturbation sensations you know and love. We at Perfect Dimensions are here to help and provide quality products that will take your lovemaking to the next level and return these pleasures to both you, and your partner during sex and masturbation. 

Take your pleasure back! 

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