The Benefits of Orgasms

The Benefits of Orgasms

When most think about masturbation and orgasms they think of one thing: Pleasure. Although that’s an incredible reason to masturbate or have sex, that’s far from the only benefit our body can enjoy when we partake in these acts. It’s important to understand that we can seek the benefits of orgasms even if we aren’t ‘turned on’. Grab a toy, grab your partner, and get ready to embark on the incredible journey of self care that can be obtained when we enjoy ourselves and let go!

Orgasms can help with sleep! 

After we orgasm, our bodies enter a state of relaxation and exhaustion that ultimately assists us with sleep. A great many people masturbate or have sex for the sole purpose of finding a restless sleep when they can’t otherwise obtain one. Much like a nice warm bath or a massage, our muscles become relaxed and it’s easier to enter that state of slumber.

It has been quite a joke in media that after sex one of the partners is immediately off to dream land - but studies have shown that there’s a lot of truth to this! Studies have also shown that those who masturbate or have sex before sleep can enter REM quicker and have a more restful night of sleep, much like exercising before bed! Better sleep ultimately can assist with stress relief, happiness, and overall body and mind health. Beyond that- orgasms are a healthy and natural way of obtaining better sleep that may be more beneficial than other methods.

Orgasms can help with stress relief! 

Much like how our bodies relax after orgasm and we are prepped for sleep, this can also assist with a busy or stressed mind. If you find that you are overwhelmed, taking some time to connect with your body and find pleasure can assist with relieving you of some of that stress or anxiety.

If you are someone who has a hard time allowing your mind to relax and enjoy yourself in the bedroom, try one of the following to better live in the moment and truly delight in the pleasure you are feeling.

1.) Engage in a massage with your partner to relax your mind and your body.

2.) Enjoy a nice warm bath before you play. It eases the muscles and allows you to better find your pleasure. 

3.) Set the scene - light a candle, dim the lights, or play some music that allows you to better ease into the act of masturbation or sex. 

4.) Try masturbation or sex away from places of stress or mess. If you work from home it’s important to have a space away from where you work that you can relax and indulge in yourself. 

Once you have appropriately relaxed and find you can clear your mind, you will find your pleasure easier to obtain and afterwards you may find that you are able to tackle those stressful things in your life much easier than before! 

Orgasms can help with happiness and a connection with your partner or yourself! 

When we orgasm, our bodies release oxytocin and serotonin. These are feel-good chemicals that give you a ‘reward’ response in the body. These are some of the same chemicals that are released when we hug someone we care about and can absolutely be replicated with self pleasure and orgasms. 

Positive physical contact with your partner betters your connection with them and these released chemicals are certainly part of that magic. It also helps with your connection to yourself and your body’s needs. If you are having a bad day, take a moment to really appreciate yourself. Stand in the mirror and rejoice in the parts of your body you like the most. Even if you have a hard time pinpointing something on that given day, find something to praise yourself for. When we take time to give ourselves praise and pleasure it can give us a boost of these chemicals and ultimately help us feel happier.   

The more of these feel-good chemicals we release the happier you can feel. However, it’s important to be gentle with yourself and acknowledge when you are feeling sad or aren’t in the mood to engage in masturbation or sex. Although there are a lot of benefits to it, it’s more important to honor yourself and your body and be truthful about your needs. 

Orgasms can help you find your voice in the bedroom! 

Touching yourself and using toys can help you discover different sensations you may not have felt before. When you explore with toys and masturbation you are more likely to try things that you may be shy to try with your partner in the bedroom. 

Toys deliver a great many options for pleasure and sensations that you may not be able to obtain during sex. It’s important to know that toys are not replacements for your partner, but teammates. Bringing them into the bedroom and advocating for sensations you desire is empowering and can bring you both even more pleasure than you had anticipated.

We create toys with partner pleasure and solo pleasure in mind. These products are here to bring you both closer together and make it possible to obtain even more pleasure than you might have experienced previously. Whether you’re looking to obtain the pleasure of vibration, deeper penetration, a more filling experience, or to simply indulge in new sensations - our products are here to assist. 

Don’t be afraid to indulge! 

In the end, whether you’re seeking better sleep, more of a connection with your partner and yourself, or stress relief - there are a great many ways in which orgasms can assist. Pleasure is your right and advocating for your own needs is paramount.

The MateFix is the perfect toy to use for your pleasure solo or with your partner and can easily be used with your favorite dildos or with a penis. Delight in deep vibrations that can be felt by both parties and a deeper, tighter, more fulfilling penetration experience. 

Indulge in the benefits of orgasm no matter what your needs might be!

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